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Hey, hey! We all know that Social Media is a great way to get the word out about pretty much everything. Why not market your property through it?

If you use Social Media, we love to collaborate with you! We have a presence on many of the main Social Media sites: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Houzz, etc. and we actively market the homes we represent through those channels. Whether it’s to spread the word about your property, or your friends, or neighbors – share our posts on your page, post about it yourself and link to the properties’ website. Anything you can do to get the word out will help to get a home sold.


We market properties heavily on Facebook. Whether it’s announcing a New Listing, Open House, a special article on the home, or any other news on a property we are representing, we use our Business and Personal accounts heavily to share your home with many potential buyers. This includes sponsoring posts to share with an even wider audience. These are great posts to share with your friends to even greater increase exposure.

Of course, we aren’t all business all the time. We often share fun things about Santa Barbara and events happening around town. Santa Barbara is a gorgeous place, it’s important to share what goes on around town so that people want to live here – to be honest, that’s not all that hard to get others to love Santa Barbara too.


A photo and video focused social media platform, Instagram is a dream for marketing properties! After all, people generally fall in love with a home’s architecture, design, finishes, and layout first. We see the photography of a home as the home’s first showing to a potential buyer – If someone does not like what they see online, it’s very difficult to get them to walk through the door (and make an offer). That is, after all, our end goal.

Follow along with us on our property tours, business endeavors, beach walks, and more.


We love Pinterest! Talk about amazing DIY ideas, great guides to Santa Barbara, architecture tips, recipes, and, of course, property marketing. Pinterest is literally all things home and lifestyle – that’s probably why we love it so much.

It’s also a great tool for us to share properties. If we have great photography of a house with great design, what a fabulous channel to get people sharing it.

Take a look at our profile and follow for awesome design, marketing, DIY tips, property photos, and SB guides.


Another “all things home” channel that we love for design tips and sharing the homes we represent. Houzz also has a marketplace where people can sell furniture and decor for your home. We’ve personally purchased light fixtures and staging items from the market.

We can also collaborate with clients on their ideas for a new home. Everyone has a different home style and it is so helpful to us to see examples of what our clients love. This way we can better understand exactly what you want!

We post new listings on our Houzz profile as well to share the design and decor of the properties we represent.